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Paper Flowers Add Whimsical Wow to Coronado Wedding

Last spring, a bride came to us asking how we could add a whimsical feel to her July wedding reception at the stunning Coronado Ballroom in St. Louis. She had already hired a florist to decorate the inside of the reception hall, but wanted something to add a "WOW" factor to the entryway as guests arrived.

After observing the entrance to the room, we decided to surround the archway with a backdrop of white and ivory paper flowers, then added sheer drapery to create a breathtaking tunnel for guests to walk through. When evening came and the lights went down, we used uplighting to add hues of pink to the entryway, which flowed nicely with the wedding's blush and gold color theme.

The fairytale like entrance made a definite impression on guests, just as our bride had requested.

(Photo courtesy of Salvatora Cincotta.)

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