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Celebrities Are Falling In Love With Floral Backdrops

What do an actress, a reality TV star and a pop icon all have in common? They each look gorgeous in front of floral backdrops.

Natalie Portman posed in her wedding dress in front of various shades of pink roses, while Kim Kardashian chose a massive wall of white blooms for her special day. Lady Gaga is even seen in front of a floral background in her new video, G.U.Y.

These famous ladies aren't the only ones falling in love with this beatiful trend. Throughout hollywood in celebrity weddings, in bridal magazines and on fashion websites, you'll find backdrops made of flowers in multiple styles and shades.

If you think the same background used by celebrities and famous designers is out of your budget, think again. The wonderful thing about paper flowers is that we can create a custom backdrop in any colors you choose for half the price of fresh flowers. Whether you're planning a holiday party for your office or a wedding for next spring, PK Paper Art can work with you to design a piece that your guests will be talking about for months.

Just email us or give us a call!

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