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Backdrop Creates Elegant Transformation at Bellerive Reception

When wedding planner Michelle Moulden visited her client's reception venue in Ladue last spring, she was faced with a dilemma: Despite the Bellerive Country Club's elegant decor, a fireplace stood in the area behind where the band would play. Michelle, of wedding planning company Absolutely In, knew her bride would prefer a softer focus behind the stage.

Since PK Paper Art had recently created a new logo for Absolutely In made of paper flowers, Michelle came to us to brainstorm ideas. We visited the Bellerive and took measurements, then discussed colors that would coordinate with the bride's bouquet. To make sure we matched the correct shade of blush pink, Michelle pulled up some examples for us on Pinterest.

We developed a plan to hang a soft pink sheer drape over the fireplace and add a swoosh of various sized paper flowers in blush pink, ivory and white. Michelle rented the pipe and drape from Exclusive Events, and we brought the hand-made flowers we had created.

On the night of the July reception, the bride and guests were amazed at how the room had been transformed. A beautiful focus behind the stage added a special touch of elegance to the exquisite room.

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