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Our Blog - What's it all about?

Hi! I’m Karen Nosovitch with PK Paper Art. I'm a designer and co-owner currently based in Jefferson City, Missouri. Also, Jennifer Clancy my daughter who is a co-owner and designer operates a secondary location in St. Louis , MO.

I’m kicking off the launch of our blog.

With this blog we're hoping to have an outlet for our thoughts and opinions on various things like industry trends and happenings, personal progress, and other routine antics, and of course those inspirations that make us go WOW. You will get to know the people behind the products. We will share inspirations that we have run across to help you dream about....How to incorporate our flowers into your ideas.

Feel free to check out my other venues via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thanks for your interest. Feel free to leave me some comments and feedback,as it is most appreciated. You can always email us at

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